Sammie turns One!!

On the lead up to Sammie’s first birthday we chatted over what family traditions we would like to keep / add to in order to celebrate birthdays. For a long while we were going to go to Fiji to celebrate, but Mikey was made redundant shortly beforehand and so (even though it turned out he found a job very quickly) we were hesitant to spend that much money. That trip for another time.

As I’ve mentioned on other posts, we tend to gift “experiences” rather than gifts in our little family unit. And, since kids usually get so many pressies they can’t even keep track, we decided why not carry on this new tradition of ours.

So, for Sammie’s first birthday we all took the day off work/daycare and went to Wellington Zoo. (Spoiler: at the end of the day we let him pick a soft toy to bring home, which I think is a nice touch to this new tradition)

I’ve decided to write a post about this for a couple of reasons. 1. It is a walk/little adventure of sorts. and 2. The purpose of this blog is, more than anything else, a collection of whanau memories-given I started it just after we were married and became our own little family unit. Why not record Sammie’s first birthday trip.

The walk:

Walking around the zoo is no stroll in the park. Well, it kinda is, if you expect that park to be a bit hilly and filled with wild animals in enclosures.

We walked a total of 4.2km in 1hr 20min “moving time” but actually spent about 3 hours walking around at the zoo.

Top tip

The best thing we did at the Zoo was planning to be at at all the zookeeper talks that happened while we were there. (We arrived after lunch so missed a few in the morning. Next time we will be sure to get there earlier to make it to all the talks throughout the day)

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