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Papaiti Walkway, WHANGANUI

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Papaiti, a little semi-rural suburb in Whanganui, but it has been really been put on the map recently (well, at least for those of us who live here). It’s making a little name for itself as a gin tasting pit-stop on the Mountain to Sea bike trail. […]

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Bason Botanic Gardens, WHANGANUI

How is it that I’ve lived in Whanganui for 7.5years, been to Bason Reserve a number of times, and YET this is the first time I’ve actually done this walk? We were inspired to do this walk today, Matariki observed (Friday 14 July, 2023), as we have recently decided that we should do a *new […]

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Paloma Gardens, WHANGANUI

Paloma Gardens is a private garden just outside Whanganui, which is open to the public for a small entry fee. It is possibly one of Whanganui’s best kept secrets, and once we visited I recomendad going there to everyone I knew. The photos I’ve included are from summer 2020 (pre lockdown/covid *gasp*) and honestly the […]

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