Month: July 2023

Bason Botanic Gardens, WHANGANUI

How is it that I’ve lived in Whanganui for 7.5years, been to Bason Reserve a number of times, and YET this is the first time I’ve actually done this walk? We were inspired to do this walk today, Matariki observed (Friday 14 July, 2023), as we have recently decided that we should do a *new […]

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The Pyramids (Victory Beach), Dunedin, OTAGO

This is one of Dunedin’s most remote beaches and it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe I lived in Dunedin for 6 years and never came here (except I can, because it’s quite the mission). Fun fact: Dunedin has like 25+ beaches. I should do a blog post dedicated just to Dunedin beaches, because they are […]

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