We’re Mike and Michelle Beck (est. 09,04,2016).

We spend our weekdays developing web content (other people’s, of course) and doing social work (whatever that means) on behalf of the Government.

We’re currently based in Whangnaui, New Zealand. But our home (or second home) will always be Dunedin, and the South Island in general. And Michelle not-so-secretly has a list of “places I want to call home” so our base is likely to change from time to time. Don’t be alarmed.

Low-key lapsed trampers/hikers, meaning we have all the gears but have shouldered our packs less and less regularly, we made a “bucket list” of hikes and walks we want to do in our life time.

This website is the part-information sharing, part blog-style accountability we most likely need to actually get a bunch of items ticked off that list. (plus, we brought a domain name, so use it or lose it, right?)

Along the way I’m sure we’ll be joined by many of our awesome friends and family members who also love the odd adventure. And we hope that YOU (whoever you are) will feel free to hit us up and come along too.

Oh, yeah. Michelle likes to take photos of things. Sometimes they’re bad, Sometimes they’re kinda ok.  So this place will be filled with her pictures and general musings about life and adventure.

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Our Bucket List:

The 7 Great Walks of New Zealand

Visit all the huts in the Tararua Forest Park

Walk the entire Te Araroa Trail (in sections)

Sleep in every New Zealand Forest Park/National Park

Buy Packrafts and become boss packrafters

Get Mike a bike and some lyrca pants and travel faster sometimes

Hike in BC, Canada

Visit amazing places

Enjoy creation and carry a pack as often as humanly possible


Happy Tramping

Moo and Moochelle