Eketahuna Cliff Walk, MANAWATU

Track Facts:

  • 30mins (return)
  • 2km
  • Flat, well defined track (suitable for kids)
  • Very easy walk

This wee walk/hike wasn’t the one we intended to do (we wanted to go to Rocky Lookout in the Tararua Ranges, if there’s a hyperlink here, we went back and did it another day 😃 ), but was a reasonable alternative and a quick stretch of the legs on the way home from the Wairarapa. Along the way there were beautiful views over the surrounding farmland.

The Eketahuna Cliff Walk was opened in 1911 by the Mayoress of Eketahuna to commemorate the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary. The path weaves it way along the end of a cliff (although there is vegetation and a fence so it is safe for little ones to wander) about the Makakahi River.

The track is really easy to find on Bridge Street, which is almost directly opposite the Eketahuna information centre. Just after the bridge on the left hand side (coming from town) you will see this large green sign, and multi-cultural welcome.

The track has a number of beautiful trees that arch over the footpath in the most unusual and magical way. This is likely due to wind stress, but again, I could t find any info to confirm this. Perhaps they were trained that way?

We walked to the end, and then back. On the way back we followed the sign saying “historic old pool” which just lead us down to the river. It looked very dodgy from the top, but was pretty quick down to the Makakahi river, although it was pretty steep. We couldn’t figure out what the historic pool was in reference to, and haven’t been able to find any info online. So if you know anything about this, please drop us a comment in the comments below.

As a side note, we saw in another blog post a picture of a swing bridge and assumed it was connected to this walk. It was not 😂😂 BUT from the end (pic with the kiwi country sign) you can walk (or drive, as we did) down to the campground, where there are these historic remnants of a swing bridge built in 1890.

Happy Exploring



4 thoughts on “Eketahuna Cliff Walk, MANAWATU

  1. Hi,

    The sign to the old pool is where the town used to swim in the river prior to the town pool being built and opening in 1938. If you check out http://www.eketahuna.co.nz/jubilee/QR_pool.htm you can see in the second shot the changing shed built by by the side of the river. As for the swing bridge it washed away in a flood and the town is still trying to secure permission rebuild it. Check out http://www.eketahuna.co.nz/jubilee/QR_swing.htm. May we add your current day shot to this page please suitably credited?

  2. Hi currently working on the track to the old swimming pool have dug out steps and cleared alot of the path for future people to enjoy lovely place.

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